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Rio Xingú, Brazil 2015

The Fish + Forest Team recently returned from Brazil where they traveled the Xingú from the confluence of the Iriri River to the Amazon Lowlands at Vitória do Xingú documenting the landscape and aquatic habitats. 


Image-Grant for the Rio Xingú, Brazil

Big thanks to the DigitalGlobe Foundation for their generous imagery donation!  The high resolution satellite imagery covering the entire Middle Xingú River will allow us to map the baseline habitat extents of several endemic and highly specialized fish species such as the Zebra pleco (Hypancistrus zebra) prior to the construction of the Belo Monte dam complex.

The mapping tools we will develop with these data will be readily transferable to other rivers as well, allowing for the ongoing monitoring of habitats crucial to the survival of specialized endemic species.



Tanzania 2015

The Fish and Forest Team recently returned from Tanzania investigating the habitats of the endemic Alcolapia of Lake Natron, an undescribed Ctenochromis species in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and Lake Chala, the home of Oreochromis hunteri.  They collected specimens, DNA samples, aerial and underwater photos and ground truth data to compare with historical photographs and satellite images. For more information click the “Tanzania” tab in the Locations menu. 

First publication "Environmental and Anthropogenic Pressures on Wild Populations of Endemic Cichlids in Northern Tanzania” was recently submitted to PLOS One.

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