Interactive 3D Models

Viewing these models requires a web browser with WebGL support. Click this link: to check if your browser supports WebGL (most up-to-date browsers do). The speed at which the model will render on your screen and with which it can be manipulated depends on your internet connection and graphics hardware. We suggest Brave or Goggle Chrome for the best results.

Ilha do Lair, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Alto Curua waterfall, Brazil
Rio Formoso tributary, Bonito, Brazil
Cachoeira Culuene, Pará, Brazil
Hydrolycus skull
Iriri rapids low altitude, Brazil
Iriri rapids high altitude, Brazil
Olho d'agua, Bonito, Brazil
Refugio do Ilha, Mato Gross do Sul, Brazil
Island in the Xingu River, Brazil
Rio Jatoba, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Underwater Structure-from-Motion photogrammetry
Xada rapids, Xingu River, Brazil
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