Madagascar Fish Registry

The freshwater fish fauna of Madagascar is one of the most threatened in the world. Climate change, human induced landcover change and the introduction of alien species has facilitated the extinction of some endemic species and brought others to the brink of extinction. Ptychochromis insolitus is just one of many species on the verge of disappearing from its natural habitat. A dedicated group of zoos, local NGOs, scientists and aquarists hope to preserve the species. As part of this effort, hobby aquarists around the world have an opportunity to breed and keep this unusual cichlid species. The Fish+Forest Project seeks to track aquarists keeping this species and other Malagasy fishes in order to establish how this aquarium-hobby conservation effort will develop over time.

We are attempting to register all Malagasy fish species currently in zoos, commercial fish farms or kept by hobby aquarists. Around 20 of Madagascar’s roughly 150 endemic freshwater fishes are currently in aquariums worldwide. Please register the species you are keeping by signing up with the form below.

Fish+Forest Project

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